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Law Week Colorado: Former DORA Employee Claims Agency Discriminated Against Him

I am honored to represent Mr. Purdue, a former administrative assistant with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (“DORA”), in his appeal of his unlawful termination motivated by sexual orientation and race-based animus.

DORA regulates a variety of professions in Colorado, from accounting to water utilities. DORA’s position as a comprehensive state regulator of other professions and occupations puts it in an ideal position to set an example, to be a leader, amongst Colorado’s large and diverse workforce in fostering respect for civil rights.

Unfortunately, Mr. Purdue’s termination was the result of the worst of our human tendencies: the tendency to resort to bigotry rather than undertaking the difficult work of making sense of a world that often challenges our prior experiences, prejudices, and biases. DORA is in a position to do better, and must do better. The actions challenged by Mr. Purdue, and sanctioned by DORA, are not representative of the views held by most in Colorado, and Mr. Purdue looks forward to proving this proposition by holding DORA responsible.

Law Week Colorado’s article on Mr. Purdue’s case may be read here:

John Crone